For a fixed location, VSAT antennas are the very best and sometimes only way to bring broadband to areas that are underserved by landline, cellular, or other technologies. Fixed broadband service plans are always available in different service levels, with less expensive packages for smaller consumer usage up to larger packages to support dozens of workers, with options like VoIP and managed Virtual Private Network that can be added.

General Dynamics 1.2 Meter Offset VSAT Antenna

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies’ 1.2m Ku-Band VSAT Antenna Series 1132 is ideally suited for demanding commercial applications. The one-piece compression molded reflector is precision manufactured for high-efficiency Ku-Band operation. The Az/El mount is designed for easy installation and features fine Azimuth and Elevation Adjustments. The Az/El mount is constructed from heavy gauge pre-galvanized steel for strength and corrosion resistance. An Extended Ku Band RxTx feed is standard with the Series 1132 Antenna.

GD Satcom 1132 1.2M Ku-Band Antenna Features
  • Transmit quality precision SMC reflector
  • Fine elevation and azimuth adjustments
  • Extended Ku Band RxTx feed
  • Linear orthogonal polarity
  • Durable and rugged design for easy shipping and handling
  • Heavy gauge pre-galvanized steel Az/El mount

Why We Choose General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies