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Explore our reliable and secure communication solutions for First Responder, Public Safety, and Government agencies.

Reliable and secure communication solutions for First Responders

At IP Access International, we provide reliable and secure communications solutions designed for first responders. Our cutting-edge technology ensures that law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical services have the critical connectivity they need in emergency situations. Our solutions are customizable to meet the unique needs of each agency, ensuring that they have the right tools to effectively respond to any situation. Our team of experts provides excellent customer service, working closely with agencies to understand their requirements and provide the best possible solution. Contact us today for more information on our solutions.

Improve communication and
coordination during emergency situations

Rapid Deployment

Our solutions allow for quick and easy deployment in emergency situations, providing a reliable communication network within minutes.

Real-Time Communications

Our solutions enable real-time communication between teams and remote locations, allowing first responders to share critical information such as maps, weather forecasts, and incident updates in real-time.

Command & Control

Our solutions provide a secure and reliable connection for command and control centers, allowing them to monitor and control operations in real-time.


Our solutions allow multiple agencies to share the same communication network, improving coordination and collaboration between different organizations.

Mobile Connectivity

Our solutions can be used to provide mobile communication for first responders on the move, allowing them to stay connected even in remote areas.

SuperGIGā„¢Ā is the ultimate managed connectivity solution that seamlessly aggregates terrestrial and space-based networks, providing unparalleled performance and reliability. With speeds up to 500Mbps, Ā SuperGIGā„¢Ā is designed specifically for public safety and enterprise critical operations whether stationary or on-the-move.Ā  With a single static public IP address,Ā SuperGIGā„¢Ā simplifies and enhances security.Ā  Backed by 24×7 support and a single subscription across all networks,Ā SuperGIGā„¢Ā is the cost-effective solution that combines unmatched performance, reliability, and coverage.

FirstNet ReadyĀ®

IP Access has products that are FirstNet Ready and provide access to the nationwide public safety communications platform in the United States.

FirstNet is a wireless communications network established specifically for the first responder and public safety community throughout the nation. This network grants law enforcement officers, firefighters, and EMS personnel prioritized connectivity, allowing them to concentrate on safeguarding their communities.

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