Explore our all-encompassing solution designed respectfully for First Responder and Public Safety agencies that enables instant, reliable, and resilient communications on-the-move and on-the-pause, is backed by 24/7 365 day support, and helps streamline mission-critical operations.

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What Is First Responder Net?

First Responders need access to every possible network  be it cellular or satellite  and they need it secure, reliable and supported by a 24/7/365 Network Operations Center (NOC) who’s ready and able to support them in the field. 

Communications during a disaster are different from providing enterprise service during blue sky situations — which is why we created First Responder Net.

First Responder Net is the integration of all available cellular (Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and FirstNet) and satellite networks – including those in GEO and LEO orbit – that allows for resilient comms-on-the-move and comms-on-the-pause.

First Responder Net permits agencies to pool resources allowing for interoperability of communications and access to off-grid communications solutions via satellite. Agencies are provided with valuable real-time information, equipment readiness reports, and access to our NOC, equipped with the knowledge and legacy of supporting public safety professionals for over 20 years.

The Benefits Of First Responder Net

Off-Grid Communications

In emergency situations where the public internet may become unusable, First Responder Net ensures the continuity of critical communications through its RedPHONE and other LMR and Radio over IP (ROIP) applications.

Manage And Monitor Your Sites

IP Access provides its customers with exclusive access to BlueVIEW, a proprietary customer portal that offers complete transparency and control over their satellite network assets, including location, performance, and bandwidth usage.

Best Practices

Rather than focusing on trade shows and selling events, we participate in exercises with our agency partners to gain a deep understanding of real-world field requirements. This allows us to provide onsite training and support that is tailored to the specific needs of our customers, ensuring that they are fully prepared to operate in any situation.

Community Of Mutual Aid Agencies

Through First Responder Net, agencies have the ability to create Mutual Aid Bubbles by pooling their resources, which enables seamless interoperability of communications and more efficient allocation of budgets.

Future Proof

Our goal is to help our agency partners make informed and wise buying decisions that can be easily upgraded as technology continues to evolve.

Public Safety NOC

Our skilled technicians are empowered to make any necessary changes to restore services quickly, recognizing the critical, life-and-death nature of the communications on the other end of the line.

Off Grid Communication

Agencies know that cyber terrorism, malware and denial of service attacks can cripple critical communications leaving responders in chaos and in the dark.  First Responder Net maintains critical communications off the public Internet during situations where the Internet becomes unusable.  By connecting agencies within First Responder Net via satellite we continue to provide communications via the RedPHONE and other LMR and Radio over IP (ROIP) applications even if the Internet as a whole is down.

FirstNet Ready®

IP Access has products that are FirstNet Ready and provide access to the nationwide public safety communications platform in the United States.

FirstNet is a wireless communications network established specifically for the first responder and public safety community throughout the nation. This network grants law enforcement officers, firefighters, and EMS personnel prioritized connectivity, allowing them to concentrate on safeguarding their communities.

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In this video, you’ll learn about the features of First Responder Net, including real-time situational awareness, rapid deployment, and interoperability. Discover why First Responder Net is the ideal solution for first responders looking to enhance their communication capabilities and stay connected in any situation.

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