Comms-On-The-Move Bundle

Explore our pre-engineered solution for high-speed internet connectivity on-the-go and on-the-pause, that includes a Kymeta flat-panel Ku band satellite antenna, LTE components and SuperGIG™ service plan.

All Networks, All The Time,

Efficient and safe communications are crucial for first responder and public safety agencies. That’s why a seamless, comprehensive, and future-proof solution is vital. Our solution harnesses the power of SuperGIG™ and Kymeta’s flat panel u8 technology, providing coverage and bandwidth on a multi-layered broadband network optimized for public safety. It enables resilient communications-on-the-move and communications-on-the-pause. With blended connectivity and access to all available networks, our solution saves time and money compared to managing multiple service contracts. 


  • Flat Panel Ku-Band Satellite Antenna
  • Blended LTE Router
  • LTE External Antenna
  • SuperGIG™ Service Plan – 100 GB


Flat Panel
Ku-Band Antenna

Low profile, aerodynamic design, native DC power input, and a family of accessories simplify vehicle and vessel integration.

A multi-WAN architecture leverages the best of satellite and cellular networks to provide seamless communication via an integrated WiFi access point* while on the move.

Kymeta is the first to commercially deliver electronically steered user terminals for OneWeb’s LEO network.


Dejero GateWay 211

Designed to deliver reliable connectivity for general-purpose applications including voice, video, and data while in nomadic or mobile environments, as well as add wireless connectivity to fixed locations.

Access cloud-based applications without fear of losing connectivity in mobile environments.

Define priority connections to help manage costs and customize network utilization.


FirstNet Ready Badge

GateWay M6E6F

Designed to deliver reliable connectivity for general-purpose applications including voice, video, and data while in nomadic or mobile environments, as well as add wireless connectivity to fixed locations.

FirstNet Ready ® GateWay devices provide access to the priority public safety communications platform in the United States.

Aggregates diverse connectivity paths from multiple providers to deliver enhanced reliability, expanded coverage, and greater bandwidth.

(Multiple options available)

LTE Antennas

Permanent Mount Antenna

Omnidirectional heavy-duty, fully IP67 waterproof external M2M antenna for use in telematics, transportation, and remote monitoring applications

  • Delivers powerful MIMO antenna technology for 5G/4G Cellular and covers all 5G bands from 600-6000MHz
  • Prepared for mission-critical applications and exhibits excellent performance at key 5G bands
  • Typical applications include public safety, passenger bus and rail services, digital signage, commercial transportation, and fleet management

Magnetic Mount Antenna

Low profile magnetic mount antenna for vehicle, outdoor building and heavy equipment roof applications

  • Fully IP65 rated waterproof robust ABS enclosure and base
  • Delivers powerful MIMO antenna technology 5G/4G and a custom tuned GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou patch antenna for GNSS location service
  • Highly efficient, with high gain MIMO antennas and high isolation necessary to achieve the required signal to noise ratio and throughput

SuperGIG™ COTM Bundle Service Plan

SuperGIG™ blends dual-satellite and multiple LTE networks for a high-speed internet connection. It monitors all available connections and intelligently manages data packets for maximum performance and reliability, resulting in enhanced bandwidth and throughput through cloud reassembly.


  • Broadband connection technology that blends satellite and LTE networks
  • Intelligent network management that optimizes performance
  • Enhanced connection reassembly in the cloud for increased reliability, throughput, and bandwidth
  • Single service plan and simplified billing
  • Single public IP address
  • 100GB Bucket of data transfer on all available networks (satellite and LTE) for 12 months or until consumed, whichever comes first

FirstNet Ready®

IP Access has products that are FirstNet Ready and provide access to the nationwide public safety communications platform in the United States.

FirstNet is a wireless communications network established specifically for the first responder and public safety community throughout the nation. This network grants law enforcement officers, firefighters, and EMS personnel prioritized connectivity, allowing them to concentrate on safeguarding their communities.

High-Speed Connectivity While
On-The-Move & On-The-Pause

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