Mobile Command Vehicle Retrofit

Get the most value out of your current vehicle with proven technology upgrades
and a vehicle renovation from Comprehensive Communication Services.

If your mobile command center is more than 2-3 years old there is a good chance that you need to look at both a mechanical update and a technology refresh. Here are a list of things to look for: 

On the mechanical side:

  • Slide outs jamming or not deploying
  • Self-leveling system not leveling properly
  • Are your internal and external lights LED?
  • Generator not running smoothly
  • Pneumatic mast sticking or losing air
  • Roof leaks, roof leaks, roof leaks
  • Electrical system not functioning properly

On the technology side:

  • Do you have a roof mount satellite for network connectivity?
  • If so, does your satellite function properly and is it bringing down adequate bandwidth?
  • Do you have an on board LTE router?
  • If so does it support multiple bands including FirstNet Band 14?
  • Do you have HD tvs in your unit with a video matrix switch?
  • Is your sat tv receiver HD?
  • Do you have adequate data and video wiring in your unit?
  • Are all your routers and switches current and functioning?
  • Do you have on board telephones and do they work?  Hosted VoIP?
  • Do you have adequate equipment rack space?
  • Do you have any video surveillance cameras on your unit and are they functioning?
  • Do you have roof and/or mast mounted antennas for WiFi, LTE, and LMR?  Are they functioning?

Unsure if your vehicle is in need of a retrofit? Let CCS examine your vehicle.

Comprehensive Communication Services is offering a complimentary in person inspection valued at $2500!

If you would like to schedule a complimentary in person inspection, please click here.