Reliable, high-throughput connectivity when and where you need it most

First responders, law enforcement, and emergency management public safety agencies depend on IP Access to provide the resilient connectivity necessary for their operations. SuperGIG™ aggregates multiple cellular and satellite networks into a single service that delivers the highest possible throughput and uninterrupted connectivity for mission-critical communications.

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What is SuperGIG™?

The Ultimate All-In-One Connectivity Solution

SuperGIG™ simultaneously blends a dual-satellite network and multiple LTE carriers to provide a combined broadband connection – regardless of performance or availability of any single connection.

Unlike other SD-WAN devices and services, SuperGIG™ does not “fail-over” and “fail-back” as connections fluctuate due to congestion, coverage and/or technical outages. SuperGIG™ constantly monitors all connections in real-time and aggregates all available throughput. SuperGIG™ provides the highest speed and performance possible while having the reliability of a satellite connection.

Advantages of SuperGIG™ include:

  • Highest possible throughput
  • Persistent link reliability
  • Never pay for a service that is not available
  • Real-time monitoring and network awareness

Connectivity you can rely on

With SuperGIG™, organizations gain enhanced real-time situational awareness and response capabilities even when networks are stressed.

SuperGIG™ technology reliably delivers the throughput needed for critical communications from even the most remote locations. If the bandwidth available from the cellular connections dips due to network congestion, service interruption, or in poor coverage area, SuperGIG™ automatically blends in our dual-satellite network to boost bandwidth and/or vice versa.

SuperGIG™ Benefits

Enhanced Network Reliability

Blending different network technologies from multiple LTE and satellite networks delivers greater reliability with connection diversity. If a connection is lost or becomes congested, SuperGIG™ utilizes the other cellular and satellite networks but continues to monitor the degraded network so it can be utilized once the condition is improved. Most other SD-WAN services abandon a degraded network and never know if it has been restored.

Simplified Billing

SuperGIG™ service package allows customers to eliminate separate billing for satellite and LTE networks and delivers access to all networks under one service bill. This prevents paying for a network only to find it is not available. With SuperGIG we take care of all of the networks and provide you with a single bill for the data used regardless of the network used, cellular or satellite or both.

Extensive Network Bandwidth

By continuously measuring each connection in real-time, we dynamically distribute packets across multiple connections, allowing organizations to leverage the combined bandwidth potential for greater overall capacity.

Increased Network Coverage

In more remote locations or while mobile, connectivity options may be limited. By aggregating networks into a single carrier, you have a greater coverage area than what a single provider can deliver alone and with satellite we can guarantee all areas are covered.

Mobile and portable solutions:

IP Access offers a wide range of portable and mobile satellite internet communications solutions designed to meet your specific requirements. Our solutions are designed to be durable, redundant and easy to set up.

Our flexible and affordable satellite plans enable you to obtain commercial-class bandwidth when you need it most. 

From voice solutions to video conferencing to streaming video back to your emergency operations center, you’ll be armed with the most powerful communications tools available to strengthen your emergency preparedness and response.

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