IP Access International and Hypha by Wireless Innovation Announce Partnership

San Juan Capistrano, CA – IP Access International, a leading provider of hybrid-based broadband solutions, today announced a new partnership with Hypha by Wireless Innovation, specialists in critical communications. Under this partnership, IP Access International will represent HyphaMESH solutions that extend coverage for Wi-Fi enabled devices, sensors and cameras into challenging environments such as rural, urban or underground areas of operation for first responders.

HyphaMESH uses smart waveforms to interconnect devices and create a self-forming, self-healing ad hoc network beyond the reach of cellular and radio coverage. With no fixed infrastructure, HyphaMESH devices provide secure private Wi-Fi for personnel and vehicles that can operate independently or integrate to wider networks. With user friendly form factors and simple, rapid deployment, these products create coverage where none exists, or extend the coverage that does.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Hypha by Wireless Innovations to provide advanced connectivity solutions to our first responder, public safety, and enterprise clients,” said Bryan Hill, CEO of IP Access International. “HyphaMesh can significantly extend the satellite services we are currently providing to our First Responder community.  Allowing operational connectivity to extend great distances away from the satellite backhaul, including underground and in buildings, is a game changer.”

The HyphaMESH solution extends coverage for Wi-Fi enabled devices, sensors and cameras miles into connectivity-denied response environments such as rural, mountain/canyons, forests, buildings, tunnels, disaster/communication outage scenarios, and large events. In those scenarios, HyphaMESH provides reliable, real-time access to mission critical software and applications, increasing situational awareness, improving response coordination, and ultimately outcomes.   

“This partnership allows key customers access to the Mesh products that enhances the current satellite and backhaul options IP Access already provides to many first responders and government contracts,” said Neil Jaimeson, CEO of Hypha. “We are really pleased to be associated with IP Access International who have a strong presence, excellent reputation and confidence to deliver complex solutions in the market.”  

The partnership between IP Access International and Hypha by Wireless Innovations is set to revolutionize connectivity in remote and challenging environments, providing first responders, public safety officials, and enterprises with the tools they need to stay connected in even the most challenging circumstances.

About IP Access International

For more information about IP Access International and their hybrid-based broadband solutions, visit www.ipinternational.net. For Hypha products, visit www.ipinternational.net/hypha

About Hypha by Wireless Innovation

For more information on how Hypha solutions can provide you reliable connectivity by extending coverage to the edge of current networks – and beyond, go to hypha.world or contact them at info@hypha.world or +1 (530) 203-848